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  • Instagram

Instagram is sort of a “hub” of our social media presence at the moment. We find it to be a very suitable vehicle for the type of contributions and interactions WGOTD likes to participate in.

There are two(2) IG accounts relative to the WGOTD universe:

@wargodsofthedeep - the official account of the band War Gods of the Deep. Here you will find all pertinent information on the band, it’s music, videos shows and merchandise.

@rikkcurrence - the personal (and also official) account of musician and producer Rikk Currence.


  • Twitter

Twitter seems to be a sort of “necessary evil” in this day and age, and right now WGOTD really only use it to share things already communicated on IG with folks who might not necessarily be on IG. Every once in a while you might find something unique to Twitter that is not from or on IG, but right now it’s not that often.



  • Facebook

Facebook is s garbage fire. Ultimately we’re there so someone else doesn’t pretend to be us - and even then there is no guarantee. Anything posted on FB will be things 100% recycled from IG and or Twitter.

  • YouTube

YouTube, the one platform to rule them al!. Of course, you can not successfully exist in the modern pop-culture zeitgeist without a Youtube channel. Here, at the WGOTD channel, you can obviously find any and all “long form” video content (5 mins and up) WGOTD may have made. Not just music videos or music and recording tutorials & performances (although there will be some) but videos about all of the things that make up the very broad and ever changing WGOTD universe as a whole. Videos covering topics like food, mental health, interviews, music & movie experiences and so much more!


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