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So...this is the ubiquitous  "sales pitch" part of being in a band that unfortunately seems to have become a necessity of sorts these days. 


This is where we, the artist, try to rectify art and commerce through writing a catchy and flattering description of our perceived musical sound and identity. We need to  try to convince you, the potential audience,  that we're (A) cool enough and (B) successful enough to warrant your time and attention. 

So, with that in mind, here is the "highlight reel" on War Gods of the Deep;


We really like Kiss, Queen, Van Halen, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Anthrax, Boston, the Eagles, PrinceDef Leppard & Journey - a lot - almost to an "unhealthy" level. As a result, those artistic influences tend to manifest themselves in our music. Clearly we dig distorted guitars, big drums and good song structure. We're musically moody. We dig powerful, fast and aggressive as well as slow, melodic and graceful. We can be simple or complex, epic or brief,  structured or chaotic - sometimes all in the same musical thought. We do what we do, and you either dig it or you don't.


In addition to that, we also adore bronze age Marvel comics, we  love 70's & early 80's pulp, horror & sci fi magazines. We are also infatuated with almost any and every horror or sci fi movie ever to be released on VHS or Betamax cassette. Oh, and we are also severely obsessed with the '77-'85  Star Wars franchise.


So there you go, that's what we sound like as a band - the culmination of all that stuff we just blabbed about.

Here is some additional "food for thought" on why we do what we do.

It's sort of our little make shift manifesto that we use sometimes to further our art ...


In many areas of life, There is a seemingly endless struggle or competition between opposing forces for a particular end. Many times these events are characterized by a state of hostility, conflict, or antagonism. We call this struggle or competition “war”.

To help deal with this phenomena, many humans rely on spirits or beings that have great power, strength and knowledge and are perceived to affect nature and the lives of people all around them. We call these spirits and beings “gods”.

Most issues, challenges or dilemmas that life presents can tend to be complex in nature, and are often comprised of many details and components that take us from the cause to the effect. We refer to that span of complexity as “deep”.

So there you go, we're just another band making music about things & stuff they dig.

Don't over think it -  It's only rock 'n roll... Or is it?​

War Gods of the Deep's "ewin" Gibson Vs
War God's of the Deep's Rikk Currence
War Gods of the Deep_Rikk Currence_Issue 151.jpg
War Gods of the Deep inspiration
War Gods of the Deep Monsters Magic & Mayhem
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