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All music & lyrics written by Rikk Currence © 2019

12th Frame Music / Noize & Light Media LLC - all rights reserved

Recorded May 2017 through December 2018 at the Black Viper Social Club,

Wheaton IL, 60187

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed & Produced by Rikk Currence

Mastered by Garrett Haines at Tree Lady Mastering

Guitars, Bass, Vocals and Drums all preformed by Rikk Currence

Keyboard programing & additional sound design also by Rikk Currence

Orchestration & string arrangements by, you guessed it, Rikk Currence


Album concept & design by Kyle Currence

Art Direction by Kyle Currence

Album Cover art by Kyle Currence

Additional artwork by Lowdy, Gian Luca & Ham Dan & Joey Jarin

Photography by Holly Currence & Rikk Currence

All images, artwork and photographs © 2019

Astro Dragon Records / Noize & Light Media LLC.

This album is dedicated to the memory of Richard & Alice Currence. To a wood paneled basement with a Koronette combo fire place & “hi fi” stereo system bar where I was introduce to my first love. To a beat up forest green velvet love seat that supported the watching of hours upon hours of cartoons, sci fI, horror movies, and MTV. To stacks of worn out vinyl records and mountains of cassette cases that cluttered every inch of a basement bedroom. To endless hours in a non climate controlled garage - both by myself and with a small cavalcade of brothers - all of us dreaming of life and success beyond it’s four walls. To the hard rock and heavy metal of the 70’s and 80’s that created a universe of sound and imagination that I still carry with me, and rely on to this day. To music, the wife of my youth, guardian of my hopes & dreams and steward of my inner peace and light. May this record humbly honor the contributions and memories of you all.

This album (and my life for that matter) would not exist without Holly & Kyle Currence, whose selfless love and unwavering belief have created and fueled these expressions of sound. I adore them both. May this music memorialize and honor their existence for the rest of their living days & beyond.

Special Thanks: Bill & Lauren Terrill, Michael & Carla Sanfilipp, Tom & Amy Reuhl, Mike Shragal,
Chris “Dino” Pascente, Josiah & Rachel Fisher, Carol & Nathan Shackelford, Chris & Anne Marie Ayukawa, Bobby & Missy Munday, Kate & Sue Hart, Nick & Jessica Scarlett, Paul & Cheryl Beutell, Tim & April Beeman, Mike & Nikki Schomas, Benson & Megan Russell, David & Amy Eshoo, Stephen & Sarah Carlson, Curt & Karen Cain, Ray Kainz, Ivan Leer, Nate & Amy Hoidas, Danny & Wendy Rhanor, Keith & Hedi Hershey, Mike & Cindy Hoidas, Norman & Pam Currence, Rob & Krista Joseph, Tim & Bonnie Fisher, Roderick St. George, Michael Light, Gary Jakresky, Ken Muehlfelt, Karl Muehlfelt, Kurt & Sue Muehlfelt, Jim & Teresa Burnett, Steve & Teri Muehlfelt, Shelly Currence, Melissa Ellis, Sean Currence, Michelle & Tim Stone, Richie & Gia Webber, “Bean Martinez”, Robert Kelly, Phillip & Judy Tarmino, Susan Kelly, Jeff & Hillary Randolph, Drew Neely, Rona & Lisa Marmitt, Cheryl Archer, Robert & Judy Chalberg

Thank You: Gary Corbett, Jeremiah Lee Scott, Joey Allen, Erik Turner Glenn Rosenstein, Finn McKenty, Mike Farriss, CJ Vanston, James LoMenzo, Mark Lewis, John Douglas, Glen West, David McGraw, Eric SIlver, Monty Powell & Anna Wilson, Rob Pasbani, Devin Townsend, Ben Umanov, Samir Varma, Fred Coury, Peter Baltes, Joey Newman, Steve Ouimette, Trace Foster, Gregory Butler, Viggy Vignola, Waddy Wachtel, Paul Collis, Mark Arnold, Steve Lagudi, Jeff Balding, Paul Wiley, Doug Doppler, Tony Palacios, Mike St-Jean, Mark Cimino, Mike Ross, John Grabowski, MitchThomas, Frankie Harchut, Roman Reyes, John Whitcore, Mariano Lusardi, Matt Picone, Ola Englund, Greg Crane, “Beta” Mike Kelley, John Gifford III, Keith Merrow, John Emrich, Tomek Spirala, Eric Nelson, Jeremy Aker, Terry West, Joe & Matt Madonia, Chris Stone, Michael Colletti, Matt Byrne, Chris Cash, Matt Cellitti, Allen Forbes, James Bougher, Mark Posgay, Rick Naqvi, Bob Melville, Jason Crow, Cooper Carter, Leo Amposta, Matt Summy, Mike Torpe, Sean Bowman, Ryan “Fluff” Bruce, Nick Sanchez, Ed Gray, Dan Homp, Mark Moralez, Doug “Fresh” Reaves, Jimmy James Copeland, Jan Hoeglund, Tom Spaulding, Paul Stewart, Derrick Floyd, GIl Gowing, Gene Williams, Frank Navarro, Ryan Van Poederooyen, Chuck Butler, Mitch Malloy, John Elefante, Mark Nelson, Bob Sabellico, Mike “DJ NEMESIS” Carrillo, Denis Mollan, Jason Salzman, Andy Sneap, Cory Juba.

“Extra” love and appreciation to: Mattias Eklund, Henrik Kjellberg, Erik Phersson, Peter Knutsson, Olof Westman. Fredrik Thordendal, Nisse Eriksson-Lidman, Norman Garschke, Ulf Larsson, Daniel Dermes, Fredrik Arletun, Ulf Edlund. Stefan Branberg, Martin Kristoffersson, Mikel Stenberg, Jacob Noren, Henrik Ekblom, Patrick Wall, Christoffer Lindmark, Magnus Vinblad, Andreas Walfridsson, Johan Moritz, Olle Hermansson, Christian Larsson, Anja Lundberg, Magnus Dahl, Rouge Marechal, Damian Blunt, Viktor Hansson, Magnus Melkersson, Joakim Axelsson, Mathias Ljungberg, Roger Degerman and Beau Austin

At the time of this recording, War Gods of the Deep did not and does not “officially” endorse any particular product or manufacturer. However, the following products were used extensively in the making of this record; Avid software, Lynx audio interfaces, Genelec speakers, Toontrack software, WAVES software, McDSP software, Plugin Alliance software, Native Instruments hardware & software, IK multimedia software, Rupert Neve Designs hardware, Universal Audio hardware & software, Black Lion Audio hardware, Trident audio hardware, Argosy consoles, Marshall amplification, ENGL Amplification, VOX Amplification, Fender guitars & basses, Gibson guitars, ESP guitars, PRS guitars, Gretsch guitars, Framus guitars, Pearl Drums & hardware, Pearl Tru Trac drum heads, Zildjian cymbals, Evans drumheads, Vater drum sticks, Pro Mark drum sticks, DW Pedals & hardware, Mogami Cables, D’Addario guitar strings, Earthquaker Devices guitar pedals, Protone pedals, LINE 6 hardware & software Fractal Audio hardware, SHURE microphones, Rode microphones, AKG microphones, Creation Audio Labs hardware, Apple computers, Ultimate support stands, Roland electronic drum interfaces, WARM audio hardware, Asylum cigars, bronze age Marvel comics, vintage TSR roleplaying games, vintage Warner Publishing magazines & vintage Starlog, Fangoria and EPIC magazines.

This record is available digitally and physically courtesy of Astro Dragon Records.


Visit them at

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Album Cover "A"

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